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This is my QSL-Card, showing an old lady
I met on an DXpedition to Fiji.

            Me and my wife Helga at home

Welcome to the homepage of DJ 9 KH

I will qsl via DARC or direct to my home-address:

Werner Hasemann
Zur kleinen Moorweide 29
D-27339 Riede

email: whasemann@gmx.de

My expeditions in the past :

A35 WH - ZK 2 KH - 5W1 EK - F 0 JR - 3A 0 FW -

C31 DX, HB 0 XUW - EI 5 BF - OE 8 ZUK - 3D2 DJ -

ZK 1 JKH - DJ 9 KH / C6 A - 3DA 1 KH - ZS / DJ 9 KH -

V5 / DJ 9 KH - CT3 / DJ 9KH  -4U1VIC

If You had a contact with me from one of these countries and still need a QSL please contact me..If You want to see some of my expedition-locations click here.

I used to be  a member of the European DX Foundation which is supporting DX-activities around the world. If You want to have some more informations about the EUDXF visit their homepage.

I am an active radio-amateur for more than 40 years. My main activities in the past have been on short-waves, specially on 80 and  10 meters. A new field of activities has been found in the late 90`s with 70cm. Constructing antennas, amplifiers and preamplifiers and participating in UHF-contests gave me insights in an another sector of ham-radio technics.
In the meantime I can proudly say that I have now got a very competitive contest station on 70 cm .You will find the last results of the contests, the latest contest-log and
pictures of the contest - station in my portable qth which is in a school-building (qrl) here :  70cm Contest.

Interested to see some pictures of my dx-pedition-locations ?

Do You want to rent a holiday-flat on Poel-Island (former IOTA EU-098) in the Baltic-Sea?
Have a look on www.inselpoel-avip.de/pageID_6649785.html  and contact me.

 What else ? (news etc.)  

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